Merry Christmas my lovelies~

*buries you guys with flying kisses*




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im sorry, i lost our conversation orz. what's up?

LOL. sorry for the super late reply. I’m good. and you?

i replied back finallyogkjnh

lsadkjd I shall go reply back

Kibum~~ Anyeong ^^

Anyyeoonggg~ *waves*

Sorry for not being active. askdjlaskd been busy.

 jia-mnet said: ((It’s cool!)) Jinjja? -tugs on your arm to start walking, looking around aimlessly- What should we eat then?~

[ Should we start para of this so it’s easier to keep track. ] Hmm. Anything is fine by me. What about you?

 jia-mnet said: Mhmm. -arches a brow- I actually do, you offering to get some with me?

We can get some food then. My treat. *smiles*

 jia-mnet said: Just a little hungry and still sleepy.. But it’s good to hear you’re doing good! -nods a few times-

Just woke up? Do you want to get some food?

 jia-mnet said: How are you, Kibum-ah? -laughs softly and grins-

I’m good. And you?